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5 moving tricks you need to know

System - Saturday, March 28, 2015

HomeownersIf you are getting ready to move, you are probably currently sitting in your living room surrounded by a billion empty cardboard boxes. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed. Maybe you're crying. Probably not, but hey, we don't know you.

Regardless, packing is a lot of work and can make even the strongest among us lose our minds at least a little bit. What you need are a few of these amazing hacks that will make any move a bit easier:

1. Leave clothes on hangers
It seems logical to take all of your clothes off their hangers, fold or roll them up, pack them into boxes, move them, unfold them and hang them back up in the new closet, right? But that takes approximately 87 steps, so let's shorten up the process. Instead, leave your clothes on hangers, bundle them together in small groups with tape or a zip tie, and cover them with a trash bag. It will save a ton of time.

2. Pack an overnight bag
On your first night in your new house, do you really want to have to dig through four different boxes to find your toothbrush? No, you don't. Before you get too carried away with packing, make sure you pull a few items aside and bring an overnight bag with enough essentials to last you a night or two in your new home.

3. Don't clear your drawers
Just like taking clothes off hangers when they're just going to go right back on doesn't make sense, why would you empty out drawers that are going to have the same stuff in them in the new house? Just pull the drawers all the way out of the dresser and wrap them in cling wrap for the move.

4. Label everything
And we mean everything. Every single box should be labeled with its contents as well as the room where you plan on keeping them. Don't be afraid to get into detail, either. Instead of two boxes labeled "shirts," mark one "t-shirts, tank tops and long-sleeved tees" and the other "button downs, sweatshirts and sweaters." It will be much easier to find what you need later. But that was a trick question, because your clothes should be on hangers, not in boxes!

5. Get use out of linens
Instead of packing one box full of your towels and bed sheets, put them to use. You can use them in lieu of bubble wrap or newspapers to keep delicate items from breaking.

Cheers to your new home!

Written By GLADiS

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